Our Programs

Atlantic Stitches’ programs are designed to meet your specific needs.
We recognize that individual needs change over time.
Our programs allow for that change.
All of our programs have been designed to meet your needs.

Dress For Success Program

The purpose of this program is to develop a sense of unity and togetherness among employees and co-workers; to designate different responsibilities; to easily identify employees from customers and potential customers. It is a reflection of the belief that if people feel like they are a part of a team they will act like a team.

Wearing logoed polo shirts or t-shirts is a simple yet effective way of developing that sense of team spirit and unity. A team which works together achieves more than a team which does not.


Small Business Program

Our Small Business Program is ideal for the smaller sized businesses who wish to have the professional look so that they can present a good image to their customers and potential customers.

This program is designed to help the smaller business owner present themselves to their clients and potential clients in a professional manner. Whether it is embroidered polo shirts or t-shirts the effect is the same to the onlooker.  First impressions make the best impressions so why not present yourself to your clients looking your best, each and every time.


School Program

All schools make good use of uniforms, from staff to students and everyone in between. Our program is designed to provide quality uniforms, at affordable prices with special benefits.

This program is designed for participating schools with an opportunity to provide uniforms to their students at an affordable price and for parents to purchase school shirts for their children. Participating school are eligible for our rebate program which will allow them to earn points for redemption for school supplies.


Large Business Program

Our Large Business Program is designed for larger operations of 15 or more employees, who tend to have different departments or sections.

This program is designed to provide Large Businesses a local source to provide the brand identified garment for all employees. Dress shirts, polo shirts, t-shirts, safety wear, work wear, and even rain gear it is all here. Different colored shirts are a great way to distinguish departments, services and roles and responsibilities within an organization.

“Once again, we don’t just sell shirts, we offer much, much more than that for you and your growing business!”