Rapid Response Service

No matter how well you plan there is always a time when you need things in a rush.

Our Rapid Response Service is perfect for you. Our normal turn-around time is 10 business days however we are known to complete order faster than that! If you need it guaranteed Same Day, 24/48 hours, we can accommodate.

Here’s how the service works:

If you need an item embroidered quickly:

The item must be in stock OR you must supply* the items
(see below for our policy on customer supplied goods) AND we must have the time to do your order.

SAME DAY: $20 per embroidery location PLUS $50 rush fee.

24 HOUR- 48 HOUR SERVICE: $20 per piece PLUS $25 rush fee.


“Once again, we don’t just sell shirts, we offer much, much more than that for you and your growing business!”

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