Our Services

Atlantic Stitches provides a combination of services and programs designed to meet your specific needs.

We recognize that individual needs change over time.

Custom Embroidery

One of the most effective tools for marketing your business is embroidered shirts. Why? They are like walking billboards!

Whenever your devoted employees and support staff wear shirts featuring your business name and logo on them, they are actually serving as a billboard for your organization.

Think about it… the shirt can be in made in your company’s color, or the embroidery threads can be your company’s colors. This is an ideal means of generating an impressive business image.

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Custom Screen Printing

Custom printed T-shirts are an inexpensive and creative way to market your brand. And if you’re in search of quality, reliability, and price, Atlantic Stitches is your best choice for custom T-shirt printing.

We have all the top name brands and dozens of styles to choose from. There are many benefits to marketing your brand with Custom Printed T-shirts:
They generate a good return on investment, with reasonable wear and tear rate. They have a great image – everybody likes them, everybody wears them

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Rapid Response Service

No matter how well you plan there is always a time when you need things in a rush.

Our Rapid Response Service is perfect for you. Our normal turn-around time is 10 business days however we are known to complete order faster than that! If you need it guaranteed Same Day, 24/48 hours, we can accommodate.

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Now that you have a better idea about the results you can expect by working with Atlantic Stitches, and our approach and philosophy of working with clients, learn more about our specific Programs, Our Story, or how to Contact Us.

“Once again, we don’t just sell shirts, we offer much, much more than that for you and your growing business!”